My programmer friends page:

Maybe my best friend #anime on freenode Sadale we always talk about tech stuff and my crazy projects and have even simultaneously participated in GGJ, he is also quite altruistic,don't get jelous all other users :)
This is my friend Michel's web pages, he is my friend from Mickey House Conversation cafe he makes iOS applications:
this is a page for his language applications in English
this is a page for his language applications in Japanese
this is a page for his other applications
This is my friend Shlomi Fish,username rindolf on the ##programming channel on freenode, he is a very good programmer. He is from Israel. he has worked on many projects including pysolfc a python solitaire game collection and
visit his extensive page please: rindolf's page rindolf's projects rindolf's CPAN distributions page
I know I barely knew him, but I was trying to arrange a meeting with famous Miguel De Icasa, but he was pretty busy(developer of Gnome, GTK, GIMP and Mono) (we spoke by phone several times)
Miguel de Icaza's Wikipedia Entry
My friend Gunnar Wolf and I go way back, back to the SysOp meetings of Mexico City BBS meetup. I must have been 14 or 15 when I met Gunnar. he was SysOp of the CatharSys BBS. he is a system administrator, Debian developer and has written books about computer security.
Please visit Gunnar's page
I also met Alejandro Lobos Kunstmann at the SysOp meetings of Mexico City BBS meetup. I spent many a night up in his attick poking at an Amiga500 computer.
as far as I know he does not have a personal homepapge so I include his Facebook

In his honour, I would like to also mention my deseased friend Alex Lotwin, who was the SysOp of the CompuNet BBS in Mexico City, why do even the best people die so young?!