Global Game Jam 2017 Super Smash Tokyo

We made a game at Global Game Jam 2017 called Super Smash Tokyo Using 3dpl as development tool. Sadale invited me to join GGJ while he was participating at the Hong Kong site. I invited Belxjander to join me as a teammate, and I did not know if I could actually have my own team which I was going to lead… I did apply to be team leader on a kind of resume I filled out. finally when we were approaching the site we met with peter which wanted to join a group that could speak English. and we ended up being the only 3 foreigners at GGJ.

important links:

game screencast

final presentation japanese日本語

initial intervew japanese日本語

alpha release inteview japanese日本語

beta release intevrew japanese日本語

picture album

our game page

GGJ Tokyo University of Technology youtube channel, where the stuff was live streamed

extra credits

Sadale's blog post of his project in HK EM Wave Jammer

Team members:

Usmar A. Padow (amigojapan) team leader/programmer

Belxjander programmer/sound

Peter artist/concept/coding

Fujino Shingo artist

Fuuna Nakano artist/concept

Tayaka Asano programmer

Hidenori Tomaru programmer

Conversation with Sadale and shirafuno that explains most of what happened at GGJ2017

amigojapan:Sadale: every thing went almost perfectly, me and Belxjander and another foreigner were made into the “international team”, cause the other guy couldnt speak Japanese, and we got 4 more Japanese teammates

amigojapan:Sadale: it was a team of 7

Sadale:amigojapan, nice :-)

Sadale:amigojapan, Everything is going ok-ish here. The deadline is very tight. Especially for the preparation of presentation

Sadale:amigojapan, wow. 7 is many :-)

amigojapan:shirafuno: Sadale : it was probably the 3 days I have had most fun in my life

Sadale:amigojapan, nice :-)

amigojapan:shirafuno: it is true that you hardly sleep at all, and everyone stinks, and people dot eat well, and even they cant drink well, but it was deffenetly fun

amigojapan:Sadale: I did not really do very much in the Jam, besides watch and tell other people what to do…. I only coded the explosion do the buildings, and the change of day according to time of day

Sadale:amigojapan, ah. That's pretty much what a manager supposed to do :p

amigojapan:Sadale: I am not ocmplaining, I really enjoyed it very much!

amigojapan:Sadale: nice, I even let my team make the presentations, and upload the stuff and other things

Sadale:amigojapan, cool! :-)


amigojapan:Sadale: not exacly, but it comes a little close to my dream of “being able to program something by imagining it” :)

Sadale:amigojapan, pfft xD

amigojapan:Sadale: I got some business cards that may be useful, including 2 people that work at Sega

amigojapan:Sadale: and the creator of 三国志(Romance of the three kingdoms) game apparently was there to watch our interview of one of our presentations

amigojapan:Sadale: I got the cards at the patry after the Jam

amigojapan:Sadale: I heard that every Jam site eats pizza after the jam


Sadale:maybe it is in Japan. I dunno.

Sadale:What I know is that every jam site varies :3

amigojapan:Sadale: one of the members of my team has gone to 5 jams in different countries… he told me about hte pizza, and it was in the video of “extrra credits”

Sadale:amigojapan, :o

amigojapan:Sadale: they also offered light snacks and candy and chocolate and coffee and drinks for free (payed by Unity) That university is pretty country side…. we had to walk like 30 minutes to have lunch yesterday, it is hte only “meal” we ate

Sadale:amigojapan, our site offers free meals :-)

Sadale:and free drinks

amigojapan:Sadale: we got Unity brander cup noodle, I have the cover, wanna see a picture?

Sadale:amigojapan, :D

amigojapan:Sadale: ouch, at our site, basically you dont really eat, most people did not eat anything until teh pizza

Sadale:amigojapan, wow. not eating anything for 48 hours? :O

amigojapan:Sadale: and almost nobody goes home either


amigojapan:Sadale: home is far for most jamers

Sadale:amigojapan, oh right.

Sadale:amigojapan, Hong Kong is a small place after all.

amigojapan:Sadale: we were so happy when we got Unity brand cup ramen, also when we had lunch, and also when we had pizza….

Sadale:amigojapan, wow. :O

amigojapan:Sadale: I thought there was some emergency when they put the pizza out, cause everybody was yelling…

Sadale:amigojapan, oh. I didn't realize that you said "unity brander cup noodles". I missed the word "noodles"

amigojapan:Sadale: yes, Unity branded cup noodles

Sadale:amigojapan, cool! show me show me :D

amigojapan:Sadale: I think you will laugh when you see hte kanji they used to spell “Unity” in kanji

Sadale:amigojapan, :o


amigojapan:Sadale: it says “unity ramen, salt flavour with no bugs” :)

Sadale:amigojapan_mobil, ah. cloud sphere temple :P

Sadale:lol no bugs

Sadale:amigojapan, it seems that our jam site has less this kind of sponsors :p

Sadale:amigojapan, we only have some flyers from sponsors.

amigojapan:Sadale: sorry :(

Sadale:Oh BTW. The awards here are offered by the sponsors

amigojapan:Sadale: what awards?

amigojapan:Sadale: I did not know they have awards

Sadale:amigojapan, it depends on the jam site.

amigojapan:I see Sadale

Sadale:amigojapan, the Hong Kong jam site has award for well performing teams. They are offered and judged by the sponsors :P

amigojapan:I see Sadale , it happens on the jam day?

Sadale:amigojapan, yes. The last day.

amigojapan:Sadale: in my site it does not happen, so each site has good and bad things

Sadale:amigojapan, I think not giving out award is a good thing. :)

Sadale:amigojapan, it can give us a low pressure environment

amigojapan:BrambleG: we had the free stuff, but out site was so remote that that was all we had for the whole time and almost nobody could go home, so we did not really eat anything (except for lunch yesterday (we had to walk 20 minutes for it) and finally pizza

amigojapan: they have a sleeping room in my site

amigojapan: just air mattresses in a room

amigojapan: but anyway, it was still probably one of the most funnest things I have ever done in my life

amigojapan:Sadale: next year I will make some game using my other prorgamming langauge I am making now (the one that is like scratch)

Sadale:amigojapan, ah. good. :)


Sadale:amigojapan, another chance to market your programming languages :P

amigojapan:hehehe Sadale , yep

amigojapan:Sadale: you know our GGJ had a 24 hour stream of a whole bunch of stuff, and they interviewd us many times in an interview room?

Sadale:amigojapan, no :o

amigojapan:Sadale: you can probably spot me if you watch enough of it amigo japan: originally I said I wanted a robot to destroy tokyo, but one of my teammates said in Japan robots are seen as freidns of humans, so we shoudl make a monster that destroys tokyo…. and somehow we ended up with shenron the dragon

and the conversation went on, and on…